MB's Sedan Limousine LTD
Contract Terms

  1. Customer shall be liable for damages to vehicle sustained during limo service agreement, including spills, rips, tears, or damage to any electrical equipment. Customer shall pay a service charge or $100.00 to clean spillage and $200.00 for sickness in vehicle.
  2. Customer shall be responsible for overtime charges if more than 15 minutes beyond the contracted time. Overtime will be billed in half hour increments. If overtime has not been previously arranged and the vehicle is not available for overtime, the rental is concluded at the contracted drop off time.
  3. Customer hereby authorizes Limousine Company to charge any unpaid charges for overtime, spillage, sickness, damage, smoking, etc. prior to final destination in Cash or by Credit Card.
  4. Customer shall pay the driver for the cost of all parking and tolls, unless otherwise specified.
  5. MB's Sedan Limousine, LTD shall not be liable for any damages arising out of the Company's inability to perform due to inclement weather, delays due to traffic conditions, or for any unforeseen mechanical difficulties and / or events beyond the reasonable control of the MB's Limousine Company.
  6. MB's Limousine Company reserves the right to cancel any Deposited Reservation Contract within 72 hours of receiving said deposit.
  7. MB's Limousine Company reserves the right to Discharge any and all passengers who interfere with the safety of the vehicle, underage drinking or holding or partaking of any illegal paraphernalia.
  8. There will be NO SMOKING in vehicle at any time. Any smoking at any time will result in a cleaning charge of $100.00 and the Termination of the Contract.
  9. MB's Limousine Company shall not be the bailee of any items left in the vehicle, and shall not be responsible for the safekeeping of any such items.
  10. Customer must pay a NON-REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT in order to confirm a reservation. If deposit is paid by Check, said Check must clear the bank prior to job date, and the balance must be paid in Cash only at time of pick-up or by Credit Card 3 days prior to pick-up date. NO CHECKS WILL BE ACCEPTED AT TIME OF SERVICE. There will be a $25.00 charge for all returned Checks.